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      Special Clad Metals- Product Brief

      一、(Clad Metals for Conductive Spring)
      FPA-CE series is the best environmental substitute of beryllium copper. There are the advantages:High conductivity, strength and elastic modulus Low density,good process ability, free time, non-toxicity, and low cost.
       二、(Clad Metals for Electronic Packaging)
      1. The Property of Clad Metals for CTE in Electronic Packaging Now we have devised and manufactured such clad metals to
      meet all kinds of demands including CIC and CMC which are the most popular in applications. All of them are composed
      of low thermal expansion coefficient material and high heat conductivity material through metallurgical bonding. Excellent
      bonding strength integrated each component&lqquot&s advantage.Also the thermal expansion coefficient and heat conductivity
      of clad metals can be adjusted by changing the layer ratios.Besides the above virtues, lower cost of some clad metals is
      also attractive to users. So clad metals are always taken into consideration in electronic packaging.The properties of the example clad metals and traditional heat sink material Mo are described in below table. From the table,it is shown that the properties is almost equivalent between CIC-1 and Mo. And the advantages of lower gravity, easier shape deforming and plating Ni or Sn well make it possible to be widely used in heat spreader, chip to chip&lqquot&s interconnector,lead frames, hybrid circuit case bottoms and MCM cape in power semiconductors such as SCR, transistor module, SSR and IC packaging fields. The another reason that we specially recommend CIC-1 is lower cost than pure Mo.
      三、(Copper/Steel/Clad Metals)
      This kind of clad metal has both the nature of copper with high electrical conductivity and the nature of the steel with the high strength at the high temperature. It is ideally applicable in the low voltage electrical equipment as the static contacts and the cover
      for quenching arc.

      Instructions for use:

      一、(Clad Metals for Conductive Spring)

      1)The conductive spring clad metals shown in the above table are supplied in half-hard temper, while the temper of the material can be adjusted according to the customers&lqquot& demand.

      2)We have the strong ability to develop other special clad metals for conductive spring according to the customers&lqquot& demand.

      二、(Clad Metals for Electronic Packaging)

      1)To the CIC-1 and CMC, the thermal expansion coefficient,the heat conductivity and mechanical properties can be adjusted according to the users’ requirement.

      2)It refers to the direction of parallel to the surface. In addition we have designed the special CIC which has higher vertical heat conductivity of more than 100 v/m.℃.

      3.The shapes we supplied

      1)Strip coil

      2)Elements. We can supple to customer with discs, square pieces, and other special bending types. It is more than 20 types. Moreover, we can design and manufacture them according customers’ special request.

      三、(Copper/Steel/Clad Metals)

      Product specifications:

      The main technical indicators:

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