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      High-precision- Product Brief

      一、(Table of Contents)
      1.With convexity and traverse adjustment function, can automatically adjust and control the strip profile shape and thickness accuracy;
      2. The distribution of rollers is arranged as tower, from top to bottom is symmetrical.There are eight supporting rollers, also known as eccentric rollers. We can adjust the gap of working roller by measured rollers’ eccentric dimension. Through this, we can achieve a better effect on dealing with the strip’s central and edge rippled surface or twist.AGC operation control system provides roller configuration table. As long as adjusted the supporting rollers, we can get the value and distribution of eccentric roller. High degree of automation control and monitored by full-line SPC system effectively guarantee the product quality.

      Instructions for use:

      The category and application of FEPAC’s thin bimetal:
      1.Thin bimetal material: applied in the field of microthermostats,protectors, and illumination.
      2. Tact Switch with highly elastic materials: applied in different kind of micro electric product’s button.
      3. Soft magnetic thin material: applied in the industries of automatic control equipment, electrical motor.
      4. IC lead frame material: applied in the industry of integrated circuit.
      5. Special alloy thin material: applied in mini automatic control systems and medical surgical and other fields.

      Product specifications:


      (Thickness):0.03- 0.3mm

      (Width):1 - 180mm,

      (Strip coil inradius):250mm, 300mm, 350mm

      (Thickness Tolerance)

      三、(Operating Principle)

      According the theory of elastoplasticity elongation to flat

      the strip, we should with the help of stretch roll to make

      strip elongate to reach the effect of uniform distribution of

      longitudinal fibers, so that the strip flatness can be improved.

      The main technical indicators:

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