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        Corporate Culture
        Our company spirit is "united,pratical,efficient,aggressive";our quality idea is"quality is everything,quality is the future";our
        company is"loyalty and muti-dependence,regulation and precise work,inovation and development".
        ●People oriented
        1. Modern enterprise management system
        3.Lean manufacture
        4. 6S site management
        5. 6 sigma project
        ●Mature product sales and after-sales service system:
        1. Provide high quality technique service for customer: transfer the product
        information; discuss and solve the application problem; quick react to
        customers’ feedback.
        2. Initiatively provide application solutions: improve customer products’ property,
        cut customers’ cost.
        3. Provide perfect logistics solutions for customers to reduce their inventory.
        4. Regularly pay a visit to customers, so that having effective communication.